Ngày đăng: 17/11/2015

Kind of Che Khuc Bach from the original Che by put some fruits

My friend told to me this dessert when we were near the Westlake. Che Khuc Bach has taste light sweet and cool, that’s awesome if you have one cup of Khoc Bach in HOT day this summer. No one know who create this cool dessert, but it easy to becomes trend Hanoi food coz the attractive ingredients : fat of cheese, sweet of litchi, great smell of grilled almond.

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Che Khuc Bach 1

Why is it called Khuc Bach? Khuc Bach is the name of main ingredient, it’s made of fresh ice cream and fresh milk , gelatin powder to make it soft and smooth. You can feel the sweet and almond smell when taste.

fruit che khuc bach

The second important ingredient is Che water, made of Phen sugar ( a kind of traditional sugar of Vietnamese ), it’s light sweet and cool. They create many kind of Che Khuc Bach from the original Che by put some fruits. You should try the original Che Khuc Bachat the first time tasting!



The Price is about 20.000VND to 28.000 VND

Address Che Khuc Bach restaurant in Hanoi:

  1. No 10 , Hang Tre, Hoan Kien Dtr, Hanoi
  2. No 17, Hang Giay, Hoan Kien Dtr, Hanoi
  3. Sidewalk of Dien Bien Phu cross with Hang Bong

Address in Ho Chi Minh:

  1. Coconut & Pumpkin – 85, Chau Van Liem, Dicstrict 5, HCMC
  2. Under the bridge Hoang Hoa Tham, conner of Tran Quang Khai, Dicstrict 1
  3. Coffee Gabi, 1 floor, 95 Pasteur , Dicstrict 1, HCMC
  4. Branch of Hoang Ty brand.