Ngày đăng: 16/11/2015

Eating Plant Pot in Sai Gon

Recently, there is a new hot trend in Sai Gon youth called “Edible Plant Pot”. You can try it at an ice-cream shop placed at Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, District 1, nearby Ong Lanh Bridge.

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edible plant pots in Sai Gon

This shop now has the promotion: receive a FREE cute minion for Edible Plant Pot Order.

About 5 minutes after placing your order, a waiter will bring you a white pot containing “dark soil” and a branch with fresh green leaves.

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Easy Recipe with only 2 ingredients

At first sight, customers might think that it is a table decoration item if they do not notice a spoon placed next to it. Chocolate ice-cream is put into a clean pot then crushed oreo cookies are sprinkled over it all. Finally, maker sinks an artificial branch (that looks real) or a peppermint branch in the middle of this pot. It is so difficult for you to discriminate this Edible Plant Pot from an ordinary with your naked eyes.

edible plant pots in Sai Gon
Spooning chocolace ice-cream into your mug and feel the best bittersweet taste ever.

When you taste it, the bittersweet and cool feeling from chocolate ice-cream and Oreo cookies might help you relax on a hot day. Because this dish has been made from easy recipe with only 2 ingredients, you do not have to wait a long time for it. You will probably be charmed with the delicious flavor and fresh outlook of this “table decoration item”.

Usually, this shop serves about 50 Edible Plant Pots at a price of 45,000 VND ($2) for one. The youth in Sai Gon are now fans of this amazing trend and in the next time, it might appear in many place in Vietnam. Let’s update your must-try food list with “Edible Plant Pot” right now!