Ngày đăng: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015


With criteria of surprise, “Christmas Festival 2014″ will be restored, “just like the real” because of white park, snowy road, street festivals and a world of gifts.

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west-lake-christmas-2White road

The children will be coming to the world of exciting gifts, catching hundreds of Santa Claus, and hundreds of Mrs. Claus in the dance, or the children of Santa Claus, etc.

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Representatives of the Organization said: “With a capacity of up to 40,000 people, ‘Christmas Festival 2014′ with White Park, snowy roads, street festivals and the world gifts, etc. is definitely the greatest festival Christmas in Vietnam.

Here, families and children will be experiencing many different emotions by ‘Festival of Christmas games,’ ‘Snow White Way,’ ‘street festival,’ ‘ Christmas Fair and gift party, ” the final Gala star shape ‘, etc.

In particular, the organizer also launched a photo contest: “The impressive moment of Christmas 2014″ to select the Top 10 “Beauty of Christmas 2014″ Top 10 “noel dramatic moment,” Top 10 “Impressive Face Noel.”

In addition, West Lake Park will be highlighted with the Noel space designed at many points from the gates to the road, the space for taking pictures.

West Lake Park will be fully covered with fake snow like fairy-tale that gives participants an unforgettable experience for Christmas 2014.

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