Ngày đăng: 19/12/2015

The poetic and boundless beauty of lakes in Dak Nong

This landscape has an idyllic beauty that immediately captivates the travelers at the first time. Here we recommend the three most well-known lakes of the old Dak Nong. Com to Dak Nong in summer is the best time to visit vietnam

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Ea Sno Lake

Located in Dak Ro commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province,  vietnamEa Sno lake is wonderful natural scenery with 80 hectares in area. Ea Sno lake looks like a giant silver mirror sparkling in nature when looking from the top of the mountain pass. It still remains its wild beauty through the impact of time. Ea Sno is surrounded by the green and majestic range after range mountains. This landscape has also been granted a favor of numerous fauna and flora system which lures thousands of visitors.

Ea Sno lake in Dak Nong

Coming to Ea Sno lake, visitors may take a boat to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the cool breeze to forget all the sadness. You can visit many other historical relics such as Buon Choah or Coah or Leng villages while boating in this lake.

West lake

Located in the center of Dak Mi, the West Lake has 40 hectares in area, 2 kilometers in length and is divided into two branches stretching along the 14th Highway. West lake was formed 50 years ago to provide irrigation water for agricultural production. This lake is regarded as the pearl of Dak Mil. The road around the lake is an ideal place for the inhabitants to breathe the fresh air, take a stroll and admire the beauty of nature on every early morning.

In recent years, Dak Mil’s authorities have invested money in upgrading this site with various lakeside projects such as roads, parks, fountains, trees,… to further exploit the potential of this scenery.

West Lake
West lake and the surrounding landscapes

 Truc lake

Truc lake
The peaceful scenery of Truc lake

Located in Ea T’ling town, Cu Jut district, Dak Nong province, Truc lake has 70 hectares in area and owns the bountiful flora species all year round. This lake also has peaceful scenery and favorable climate. Visitors can admire the beauty of this lake by standing on the bridge across the lake or taking a boat to explore all the places around the lake.

Truc lake is also a place that owns many age-old and unique traditional values of E De ethnic group and many other groups.