Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

The famous King’s delicacies in Vietnam

The famous King’s delicacies in Vietnam

  1. Ca Anh Vu (Semilabeo obscures)

Famous King’s delicacies in Vietnam

This type of fish is one of the most luxurious and precious King’s delicacies in Vietnam. This “large lips” fish is the specialty of Phu Tho province. It’s often found at the confluence of the Lo, Thao, and Da Rivers.

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The most interesting thing of ca Anh Vu is the lip cartilage. Their lips are formed like that because they only eat the mosses, which grow on rocks under the rivers. They use their lips to gnaw the moss when they eat and also to cling to the rocks when they sleep.

The fish is white, solid and tasty. Moreover, it is also good for health.

  1. Chim sam cam (Fulica atra or Coot)

Famous King’s delicacies in Vietnam

Coots migrate from the north. They are mostly gregarious at water areas which have many aquatic plants such as pond, lake, marsh, and river. In the past, these birds were found mainly in Westlake. The name “sam cam” comes from the legend that these birds often ate mountain ginseng. By that, their meat is recognized as herbal tonic. Due to the legend of this water bird, coot hunting has been widespread. So far, there is no trace of coot in Vietnam.

  1. Ga Dong Tao (Dong Tao chicken)

Famous King’s delicacies in Vietnam

Dong Tao chicken, or “elephant legs” chicken is the specialty only grown at Dong Tao town, Hung Yen province. This type of chicken also can be found at nowhere else except for Vietnam.

The most impressive thing of Dong Tao chicken is imposing appearance with a pair of big legs. It’s also the tastiest and precious part of the chicken. Nowadays, full-blooded Dong Tao chickens are so rare that the price of a couple is more than $150

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