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Da Dung Mountain – Mysterious caves chain

You’re wondering  what to do in vietnam, and where to start, Kien Giang is a good destination for your starting. If you desire to discover the attractiveness of myriad ranges of mountains, you should not miss the opportunity to explore Da Dung Mountain – the mystery of nature. Da Dung Mountain is the places to visit in vietnam. So beautiful. It make you feel happy.

Da Dung Mountain Location

Located on the northernmost point of Loc Tri peninsula belonging to Son My Commune, Ha Tien Town in Kien Giang Province, which is 8 kilometers from the Cambodian border in the Gulf of Thailand, Da Dung Mountain is also known as Chau Nham Son Mountain or White mountain. It is popularly described as a masterpiece of nature blessed with relatively primitive beauty associated with a variety of mystical legends, myths as well as cultural events and a long history of the Southern region.

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Mysterious beauty

Characterized as a giant limestone block of approximately 100 meters high, Da Dung Mountain has over 14 caves, each of which possesses its own unique shape and interesting ancient legends.

Da Dung Mountain

Experiencing the natural erosions and climatic effects over thousands of years, many dark caves have been physically constructed as small castles with long tunnels and crenellations under the mountain. Lying in the fertile lowlands, from a distant view, Da Dung Mountain looks like a miracle trapezoid with steep cliffs. Therefore, it is defined as a giant rock screen shielding the region from catastrophes. This also explains why local people call it ‘Da Dung’.


Following the path surrounding Da Dung Mountain, tourists will have a chance to witness the whole spectacular landscape from four directions. At the foot of the mountain, the border between Vietnam and Cambodia stands there. To the west of the mountain, you can admire the miracle of nature with flat water surface and smooth green grass, paving way to other soaring mountains. This exotic picture of the lowlands enables us to be reminiscent of another Ha Long Bay on the land.

Da Dung Mountain

Da Dung Mountain is attractive because of its myriad caves.

Than Kim Quy (Golden Turtle) cave has the shape of a beautiful turtle. Sitting here you can catch the cool breeze and have a panoramic view toward the neighboring country Cambodia with some sections shaded by uninterrupted green coconut palms.

Kho Qua (bitter melon) Cave is the home to a collection of strange stalactites, whose shapes are similar to giant bitter melons.

Coming into Cong Troi (Haven’s Gate) Cave, visitors will experience fascinating sensation with the shimmering of the cave’s gate and feel creepy because of the chasm of the cave and the extremely cold air.

At Xa Loc Ky Cave, you will have the feeling of entering the entrance of hell with the deep and dark path.

If you want to experience relaxing atmosphere, you should visit Bong Lai (Elysium) Cave. Here, you will be surrounded with cool fresh air. When looking up, you can see white clouds hanging in the air.

Da Dung Mountain

Interesting facts of Da Dung Mountain

Apart from being a well-known tourist attraction, Da Dung Mountain is also a spiritual rendezvous site where many people come to show their faith as well as pray for wealth and good luck.

Situated on the special position with many mysterious caves in the mountain, Da Dung has become the endless source of inspiration for a lot of writers and poems. In the war against the United States, it is also an important strategic position for Vietnamese military to deploy and make camouflages